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The doctor told you to get some fresh air to help your disease, so you decide to go into the deep woods close to your home town and explore it.
Soon you'll regret everything you did.

Uncover all the mysteries in this survival horror game with PSX style graphics, with a typical flashlight and a stamina system. There will also be puzzles that let you discover more mysteries...


- WASD to move

- LSHIFT to run

- P to take a pill

- F to turn on/off flashlight

- E to interact

This game was made all by Cavacos (me) except for the art and some sounds (credits in the main menu).


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Dark Memories 1 GB
Version 2


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Im confused what to do when I put all the fuses in and that baby whatever it is just gets me from behind a wall.

Hello AnythingGaming, you can only leave the house when everything is explored, I think I need to explain that better. The baby going through walls was in what area of the game? Thank you for the feedback!

Interesting story, unfortunately it crashed numerous times for me and I could not continue, but, it does look like a great game. I liked the visuals, the movement, the monster did scare me, but that major issue with the key did bother me and I ended up with nothing. I hope you can fix that, definitely playing the updated version. Good work.  

I'm sorry that happened to you Niven, can you give me your contact for discord or any socials so we can discuss that crash so I can solve it better? And I'm really thankful knowing that you enjoyed the game despite the problems!

Thanks for the response. I really liked the game, before it crushed of course. I have an email information on my profile page, you can text me there, but I can tell you what happened specifically - after I got the key, which was near the statue, I went back to the stairs to the building and I was trying to enter, after that it crashed, that was it. I restarted the game and it did the same. 
Once again, thanks for response.